Are You Persuasive?

With Entrepreneur and Shoe Designer Taryn Rose When She Was the Keynote Speaker at My Event

Whether you’re trying to get sponsors or clients, you need to be persuasive.


So what can make you persuasive?


  1. Offer Your Help

Approach people by asking them asking them, “How can I help you?” When you give something, people want to give you something in return.

  1. Listen
    Make it easy for sponsors and clients to open up to you about their goals, challenges and visions. After you know what people want, you can create brilliant solutions for them.


  1. Use Social Proof

Testimonials and case studies from satisfied sponsors and clients are golden. People like to see glowing endorsements about you.

  1. Be Credible

This is where the sponsor proposal and great marketing comes in. If you’re approaching sponsors, you need to have an industry-standard sponsor proposal with professional graphics and the right compelling benefits.

  1. Connect

Be empathetic and create a connection with someone. Let them know that you really care and are not just trying to sell them something. Sponsors and clients buy from people they know, like and trust, so create an emotional bond. Let them see your humanity.