Which Sponsor Has Olympic Fever?

Staples, the place where you get office supplies, is supplying more than 20 million promotional products including apparel to this year’s Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

The office supply retailer paid for the right to sell the Olympic sponsors all the co-branded merchandise they need. Staples is working with 80 percent of the USOC’s partners

According to Donna Armstrong, the company’s director for sponsorship activation, “People don’t realize Staples is the largest promotional products company in the world, by far.”

What You Can Learn from the Olympics

Even though you’re not as big as the Olympics, you can work with their sponsors. I’ve had Staples as a sponsor and they were awesome.

Although the summer Olympic games in Rio are controversial, watch them to see how they promote their sponsors. You can apply those strategies to getting funding and sponsors for what you do.

Are Black Friday Shoppers Crazy?

Are These Black Friday Shoppers Bonkers or Brilliant?

I Used to Think Black Friday Shoppers Were Crazy. Then I Became One of Them.

A few years ago, I wanted a new laptop computer and it was November. So I checked the Black Friday specials for different retailers and found a really cool laptop at Staples.

I became the intrepid explorer, venturing into the store early in the week of Black Friday, asking the sales associates about the features of the computer.

What If The Advertised Special Was Bait and Switch?

I thought the laptop might be a bait and switch item, an unbelievable special to lure me into the store and then they would say they were sold out when I got there. I made a deal with myself. I would arrive in the store after the madding crowds, and if the laptop was there, I would buy it. Otherwise I would leave empty-handed.

Black Friday Was Here

I woke up early, still in my food coma from the family Thanksgiving dinner,  threw on some clothes and headed to the store. Staples actually opened at 6:00am but I would have felt like an idiot waiting in the parking lot for the doors to open.

I arrived at 7:15am and, to my surprise, there was nobody there. The sales associate brought out my shiny new laptop. I was in and out of the store in about 10 minutes and it felt great to score a fantastic deal.

Now I use that laptop for all my PowerPoint presentations and it’s my constant companion when I travel. Black Friday can be a blood sport that can bring out the worst in people or it can be retail heaven.

How Can You Get Corporate Sponsors to Fund Your Dreams?

What is Corporate Sponsorship?Linda Hollander

Corporate sponsorship is when a company pays you to to promote them. You are paid in cash and in-kind fees and you don’t need to pay back sponsor money.

Your Business is Not Too Small for Corporate Sponsors

I started getting sponsors 11 years ago when I founded the Women’s Small Business Expo. At the time, it was just me running the company making phone calls to sponsors and taking out the trash.

Even before I did my first event or had any followers, I got Bank of America, Wal Mart and IBM as sponsors. Since then I’ve worked with Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Southwest Airlines, Health Net, Marriott, Dun & Bradstreet and Staples.

If you want sponsors you need to

  • Be clear about your demographics and your sponsor benefits
  • Have a great sponsor proposal
  • Ask for enough money (Don’t sell yourself short)

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