This is My Year of Adventure

My adventures include speaking at the National Speakers Association in Florida and swimming with the dolphins.

At the dolphin swim, my group was the only one who interacted with the baby dolphin, Kona. I got to give her a belly rub and a kiss. She was so sweet!


Do You Have a Theme for the Year? 

My themes for the year in the past have included “Get Your Ask in Gear” and “Fight for Your Goals.”

It’s not too late. Your theme for the year can be to get sponsors, finish your book, create your show, do great events, give to charity, get your message out, transform lives and fund your dreams.

Top 3 Contests for Sponsors and Clients

Do You Want More Sponsors and Clients?

Run a Contest

Here are the top 3 types of contests

1. Social Media Contest

Dove did a contest called Real Beauty Should be Shared where women submitted videos, photos and stories of their friends and families. Check out the beautiful mother and daughter here. The winners got to become the next faces of Dove. Even if you don’t do events, you can do social media contests to get more fans, likes, shares, clients and sponsors.

2. Prize Giveaway Contest

One of the hottest tickets in Las Vegas is the iHeartRadio Music Festival Daytime Village. There are headliners on stage and music history is made.  Fans get to see the best emerging artists and it’s sponsored by Capital One. If you do an event, you can give away tickets and VIP experiences

3. Competition Contest

Summer wouldn’t be complete without the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest at the iconic Coney Island in New York. Their sponsors include Major League Baseball and Pepto-Bismol. If you do an event, you can create a live competition to promote your sponsors, get media and have fun.

Are You Persuasive?

With Entrepreneur and Shoe Designer Taryn Rose When She Was the Keynote Speaker at My Event

Whether you’re trying to get sponsors or clients, you need to be persuasive.


So what can make you persuasive?


  1. Offer Your Help

Approach people by asking them asking them, “How can I help you?” When you give something, people want to give you something in return.

  1. Listen
    Make it easy for sponsors and clients to open up to you about their goals, challenges and visions. After you know what people want, you can create brilliant solutions for them.


  1. Use Social Proof

Testimonials and case studies from satisfied sponsors and clients are golden. People like to see glowing endorsements about you.

  1. Be Credible

This is where the sponsor proposal and great marketing comes in. If you’re approaching sponsors, you need to have an industry-standard sponsor proposal with professional graphics and the right compelling benefits.

  1. Connect

Be empathetic and create a connection with someone. Let them know that you really care and are not just trying to sell them something. Sponsors and clients buy from people they know, like and trust, so create an emotional bond. Let them see your humanity.

I’m in Forbes

Linda Hollander in Forbes MagazineI’m in Forbes magazine in an article about How to Fail Forward.

It’s about One of the Biggest Mistakes I Ever Made

When I did my very first event, I almost lost everything.

You’ll get my advice about how to avoid the same mistakes I made.

It’s a great cautionary tale.

=> Click Here for the Forbes Article

Emerging Sponsor Categories

Dating Apps

Looking for some sponsor love? Try dating apps.

Sponsor seekers are increasingly finding a match with online dating sites and mobile dating apps.

Spritzr this year has partnered with three properties in California: the Bay to Breakers footrace in San Francisco; Bottlerock music festival in Napa Valley; and Abbott Kinney Festival in Los Angeles. is sponsoring Major League Baseball Advanced Media.

Direct-to-Consumer Mattresses 

Companies ranging from Casper to Leesa are upping pressure on brick-and-mortar retailers by selling mattresses directly to consumers. The companies offer competitive pricing, free shipping and generous return policies, all of which are designed to appeal to millennial consumers.

Casper this year sponsored the Casper Podcast Lounge at New York City’s Vulture Festival, while Leesa last month announced a multiyear partnership with the Washington Redskins.