Me, Bono and U2

Me and Bono at the U2 Concert in Los Angeles

One of the Things on My Bucket List is to See All of My Favorite Bands Live In Concert

The latest band I saw was U2 at the Forum in Los Angeles. I’ve been a fan of U2 for years. Their songs are amazing melodies with well-crafted lyrics that sometimes explore sociological and political themes. One of my favorite songs by U2 is “One.” Sheer musical genius!


A Rock Star and a Humanitarian

Most of the U2 songs are written by their lead singer Bono. I got this photo with Bono when he was walking around before the concert. He has become one of the world’s best-known philanthropic performers and was named the most politically effective celebrity of all time by the National Journal.


His Charity and Sponsors

(RED) is Bono’s charity which raises money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. It’s run from of a small office in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York. (RED) sponsors include American Express, Converse, Motorola, Microsoft, Dell, The Gap and Giorgio Armani. Each sponsors creates a (RED) logo and a percentage of the profits from the sales go to (RED) and the Global Fund.

“Community” Not Audience

One of the Trends in Sponsorship is to Build Your Community Rather than Just Your Audience
Communities are interactive and engaged. It’s a two-way communication rather than just pushing out messages to people.

Here Are Some Great Ways to Build Your Community

1. Social Media
Duh! Social media is ideal for building your community because people actively post photos, videos, links and comments. It’s a conversation, not a monologue. Heck! Even the Aflac Duck has his own Twitter page.

2. Contests

Want to start or build a community? A contest is a surefire way to attract people to your brand. Have them send in a photo, essay, video or answer to a question for a coveted prize. The prize giveaway could be something from your company or one of your sponsors.


3. Events  

Live and virtual events offer plenty of opportunities for people to participate and engage with your brand. You can also incorporate sponsors in your pre-event marketing, exhibitor opportunities, recognition from the platform, signage, on-site opportunities and post-event promotions.


What My Father Taught Me about Trust

My Father Robert Hollander and Me

Ever Since Brian Williams Got Caught in a Lie, There’s Been a Lot of Talk about Trust 


Now people are even more suspicious about what they see and hear.


That’s why in your business and sponsorships, trust is essential.


My Father Taught Me that Your Word is Your Bond

He is one of the most honest people I know and his integrity of off the charts.

In his career as an accountant, he had some clients for over 40 years. If he says he’ll call you at 2:00pm tomorrow, you can set your watch to it.

Here Are 3 Ways to Establish Trust with Your Clients and Sponsors

1. Always Show Up Early to Meetings
My father told me that all of his successful clients are really punctual. If you’re early to phone and in-person meetings, it shows people that you do what you say and that you respect their time.

2. Do Consistent Follow Up

There is so much flakiness in the business world. If you’re attentive to your sponsors and clients and follow up consistently, this makes you a total professional.


3. Provide Great Testimonials

Have other people sing your praises in your sponsor proposal, on your web site and in your social media.

Sponsors and Your “Community”


At One Time, It Was All About Your Audience and the Number of People You Could Get to an Event 

Now It’s About Your “Community”
These are the people who you can reach online and offline.


You can get sponsors without even doing live events. Web sites, blogs, social media platforms, apps and all kinds of new media are getting sponsored because they’re building great communities.


Why Build Your Community?  

  • You’ll have more success with sponsors. Sponsors are attracted to properties with large databases and extended reach.
  • You’ll create more word of mouth referrals. Even if people don’t buy from you, they’ll refer you to qualified buyers.
  • More speaking and media opportunities.
  • More attendees at your events.
  • More touch points with your customers and prospects.



Top 5 Ways to Build Your Community

  1. Social Media. Social media is a prime directive of sponsors. They actually look for people with big fan bases and followings. Get listed on the top social media web sites and post regularly. Send messages to your fans and followers. You can grow your community with lightning speed.
  2. Video. Video content is king in the sponsor world. The key to effective video is a professional look and great content. Video should be 30 seconds to 3 minutes and drive people to call you or go to your list building web site. I get calls and inquiries every day from my videos.
  3. List-Building Web Site. Your web site can be a great list-builder and you should know who has been on your web site. Give people a reason to opt-in and give you their contact information. Have a free report, tip sheet, book chapter, inspirational quotes, and other essential information there to encourage visitors to join your community.


  1. Networking. One of the best ways I found to build my list is by going to great events and connecting with the key influencers. When you exchange business cards with someone, make a note about them. It could be about the great outfit they were wearing, that they’re crazy about Persian cats, or that their children are doing the same activities as your kids. This will help you form lasting relationships and magical connections.


  1. Webinars, Teleclasses, Blogs, Web TV, Podcasts, Radio Shows and Other Digital Media. This is one of my favorite techniques. I interviewed a woman who owned a catalog company and had a great following. Her fans came to the webinar in droves and I added 500 people in one day to my community. Many of those people became clients, sponsors and attendees at my events.

Should I Be a Showgirl?

In Las Vegas with my New Showgirl Friends. Am I Too Short to Start a Second Career?

We Can Learn a Lot from Showgirls 


They know that people, including clients and sponsors, want to have a WOW experience. 


I’ve been speaking at a lot of events lately and I’ve learned that people want to be entertained as well as educated.


Top 3 Showgirl Tips 


Here are some things we can learn from showgirls about business and sponsorships.



  1. Be Outrageous

    Don’t look like everybody else in your industry. Make your branding something that people will talk about and share with their friends and colleagues.

  2. Surprise and Delight 

Give your sponsors and clients more benefits than what they are expecting. Over-delivering gives you the chance to shine.

  1. Be the Star of Your Show 

Take risks and be bold. Broadcast your success and let your clients and sponsors know why you are the best choice to add value to their companies.