Which Sponsor Has Olympic Fever?

Staples, the place where you get office supplies, is supplying more than 20 million promotional products including apparel to this year’s Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

The office supply retailer paid for the right to sell the Olympic sponsors all the co-branded merchandise they need. Staples is working with 80 percent of the USOC’s partners

According to Donna Armstrong, the company’s director for sponsorship activation, “People don’t realize Staples is the largest promotional products company in the world, by far.”

What You Can Learn from the Olympics

Even though you’re not as big as the Olympics, you can work with their sponsors. I’ve had Staples as a sponsor and they were awesome.

Although the summer Olympic games in Rio are controversial, watch them to see how they promote their sponsors. You can apply those strategies to getting funding and sponsors for what you do.

Olympics, Sponsors and You

In Minneapolis Speaking about Sponsorships at the National Speakers Association

Are You Watching the Olympics?

Forget about all the controversy and marvel at the talents of the athletes and what you can learn about sponsors.

Yes I know. You’re not as big as the Olympics. But you can use the same sponsor strategies as the Olympics to fund your dreams.

Here are some cool facts about Olympic sponsorship this year.

  • US Committee Partners spent a total of $63.6 million
  • Average annual spend of each US Olympic sponsor is $2.8 million
  • Sochi National Partners spent $218.2 million
  • Sochi Official Sponsors spent $30 million
  • Worldwide Olympic Sponsors spent $194 million
  • Average spending for each Worldwide Olympic Sponsor was $19.4 million    

Your Sponsor Wish List and the Olympics

These companies have money and they are spending it. I’ve had clients who have worked with these sponsors. Why not you?  

When you’re creating your Sponsor Wish List, you can approach these top-tier sponsors as well as the second tier. Go for it!  

Gabby Douglas and Her $10 Million Dollar Smile

Gabby Douglas Gold Medal Corn FlakesI’m Absolutely in Love with USA Gymnast Gabby Douglas and So Are the Sponsors

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

Just 24 hours after she won the gold medal in gymnastics, Kellogg’s presented her with a Corn Flakes box with her smiling photo that will be available in stores this fall.

Procter & Gamble

Douglas is doing her first sponsor deal with P&G and is now featured in their “Raising an Olympian” campaign.

What’s Next?

Look for Gabby and her dazzling smile to be sponsored by restaurant chains, hair care, toothpaste and cosmetic brands. Any sponsors that can take advantage of her appeal to a young, female demographic.

It’s estimated that Gabby Douglas will earn $9-$10 million dollars through sponsorships and endorsements over the next four years. Not bad for a 16 year old.