Sponsors and “The Profit”

I Admit It. I Have a Crush on Marcus Lemonis of “The Profit.”  

What is The Profit? It’s a reality show on CNBC where billionaire, Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World, invests money to save struggling small businesses.

Even Though it’s a Business Show, It Has a Lot of Heart and Great Storytelling

Entrepreneurs frequently break down and start crying, admitting that they’ve spent all their money, and sometimes their parents’ retirement on dreams that are fading fast if they don’t get an investment and mentorship from Marcus Lemonis.

T-Mobile is a Major Sponsor 

You’ll see T-Mobile worked into the show content in various ways. There is a break where the executives of T-Mobile give advice to business owners. There was also an episode where Marcus was called in to save a business that makes ice cream bars. He asked the owner to make a special ice cream dessert for the opening of a T-Mobile store.

The company Marcus Lemonis owns, Camping World, also sponsors many properties including NASCAR. He’s also helping victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.