How to Do Your Own Writer’s Retreat

I told my best friend, Sheryl that I’ve been trying to write my book for the last 2 years but I couldn’t get it done because I’m so busy with clients and sponsor proposals.


Then she asked me, “Don’t you want to just knock that book out?” I said “yes.”  


I Started Planning One of the Most Frightening Things I’ve Ever Done: A Writer’s Retreat 


The thought of being alone for a few days was terrifying. I wouldn’t know a soul. I would be away from my husband and my cats and, most of all, I wouldn’t have any more excuses for not finishing my book.


How to Do Your Own Writer’s Retreat Without Fear

  1. Decide on How You Want to Write 

There are many different ways to do a writer’s retreat. You can go to an “official” writer’s retreat location. There you can have your own room and share bathrooms and kitchens with other writers. You can also create your own writer’s retreat like I did.

  1. Choose an Inspiring Location 

Choose an environment that inspires creativity. A friend of yours may have a guest house where you can stay, you can write in a mountain cabin or find a vacation home that someone is not currently using. I’m inspired by water, so I booked a hotel room at the beach and I wrote on my patio with a view of the pool and palm trees while I listened to Calypso music. 

  1. Stay on a Schedule 

Just because you’re on a writer’s retreat doesn’t mean that you can sleep until noon. Start your day early with movement. You can run, workout or just take a walk. Then plan a schedule where you’ll write for a few hours and take frequent breaks. 

  1. Watch for Distractions 

The amazing thing about a writer’s retreat is that you have concentrated time to write with minimal distractions. Avoid the temptation to check messages, email and social media frequently. Let your work team and family know that you can’t be disturbed and have a special time each day when you’ll talk to them. 

  1. If You Can Only Do a Weekend, That’s Okay 

I did a 4 day writer’s retreat and I know some people write for longer periods of time. A writer’s retreat weekend is fantastic. Writer’s retreats may become part of your life. Once you do one, you’ll want to do another.

The Chilling Results: A Finished Book 

On my writer’s retreat, I wrote thousands of words a day. I could have never done that at home. What was initially frightening to me became joyous. I loved having quiet time where I could write and, drum roll please… I finished my book. Woo hoo!  


I’ll keep you posted about my book, Corporate Sponsorship in 3 Easy Steps, and I thank you so much for your time and support.