Sponsors and “The Profit”

I Admit It. I Have a Crush on Marcus Lemonis of “The Profit.”  

What is The Profit? It’s a reality show on CNBC where billionaire, Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World, invests money to save struggling small businesses.

Even Though it’s a Business Show, It Has a Lot of Heart and Great Storytelling

Entrepreneurs frequently break down and start crying, admitting that they’ve spent all their money, and sometimes their parents’ retirement on dreams that are fading fast if they don’t get an investment and mentorship from Marcus Lemonis.

T-Mobile is a Major Sponsor 

You’ll see T-Mobile worked into the show content in various ways. There is a break where the executives of T-Mobile give advice to business owners. There was also an episode where Marcus was called in to save a business that makes ice cream bars. He asked the owner to make a special ice cream dessert for the opening of a T-Mobile store.

The company Marcus Lemonis owns, Camping World, also sponsors many properties including NASCAR. He’s also helping victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

I’m in Forbes

Linda Hollander in Forbes MagazineI’m in Forbes magazine in an article about How to Fail Forward.

It’s about One of the Biggest Mistakes I Ever Made

When I did my very first event, I almost lost everything.

You’ll get my advice about how to avoid the same mistakes I made.

It’s a great cautionary tale.

=> Click Here for the Forbes Article

My Failure

At the National Speakers Association Convention in Phoenix with Mimi Brown

I’ll Tell You about My Biggest Failure, But First Let Me Tell You My Story

I was asked to speak on a panel about “Failing Forward.”

I started listing all of my failures. Soon I had filled up 3 pages and then I had a revelation.

My Biggest Failure in Life Was Believing What Other People Said About Me

I’ve been told that

  • I’m not smart enough to start a business
  • I don’t deserve to be in a loving relationship
  • Nobody would want to read my book

 But the Biggest Lie Was that I Couldn’t Qualify for Corporate Sponsors

I’ve been told that I couldn’t get sponsors because

  • I didn’t have a big audience
  • I don’t have enough experience
  • My business was too small

Luckily, I didn’t believe the lie for very long. I had people who encouraged me and my first sponsors were Bank of America, Wal Mart and IBM. I haven’t stopped since.

Which Sponsor Has Olympic Fever?

Staples, the place where you get office supplies, is supplying more than 20 million promotional products including apparel to this year’s Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

The office supply retailer paid for the right to sell the Olympic sponsors all the co-branded merchandise they need. Staples is working with 80 percent of the USOC’s partners

According to Donna Armstrong, the company’s director for sponsorship activation, “People don’t realize Staples is the largest promotional products company in the world, by far.”

What You Can Learn from the Olympics

Even though you’re not as big as the Olympics, you can work with their sponsors. I’ve had Staples as a sponsor and they were awesome.

Although the summer Olympic games in Rio are controversial, watch them to see how they promote their sponsors. You can apply those strategies to getting funding and sponsors for what you do.

Sponsors, Speaking and Travel

In Washington DC with My Friend, Joy Schechter, Who Helps People Create Successful Live Events

I’m writing to you today from Washington DC where I’m on my speaking tour.

Speaking helps you get more clients, fill your live events and it makes you more successful with your sponsors.

Public speaking also gives you access to travel and amazing adventures.

Here are some of my favorite travel tips

Roll It Baby 

When you pack your suitcase, roll your clothes rather than folding them. You’ll be able to pack much more stuff.


If you want shorter lines and faster security check at the airport, apply for TSA Pre. You pass by everyone in the Disneyland-style lines and you get to keep your shoes on.

Gate Check

I’m only 4’11” tall, so I can’t even reach the overhead bins on the plane. I always check my bags at the gate. I retrieve my luggage at baggage claim and, since most people are carrying their luggage on board, there usually isn’t a long wait there.

Back Everything Up

Keep both digital and physical copies of your photos, passport, visas, driver’s license, birth certificate, health insurance, receipts and important phone numbers ready to go in case of an emergency. I use the LastPass app to securely store my Internet passwords.

Talk to the Locals

When my Wi-Fi didn’t work in Paris, I had to ask the locals for directions. This led to many wonderful conversations about where to go, what to eat and I learned secrets that only the locals know. Some of the Parisians even walked me to my travel destination.