This is My Year of Adventure

My adventures include speaking at the National Speakers Association in Florida and swimming with the dolphins.

At the dolphin swim, my group was the only one who interacted with the baby dolphin, Kona. I got to give her a belly rub and a kiss. She was so sweet!


Do You Have a Theme for the Year? 

My themes for the year in the past have included “Get Your Ask in Gear” and “Fight for Your Goals.”

It’s not too late. Your theme for the year can be to get sponsors, finish your book, create your show, do great events, give to charity, get your message out, transform lives and fund your dreams.

Sponsors Abandon the Clippers-Don’t Let This Happen to You

Getting Sponsors is Amazing 


They give you money, resources, media, exposure, credibility and the ability to fund your dreams.    


But Some People Just Don’t Get It


Billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, reportedly told his girlfriend not to bring black people to his team’s games and not to post pictures with black people on Instagram.


Clippers Said Goodbye to Millions of Dollars in Sponsorship Money


More than a dozen sponsors have ended their relationships with the National Basketball Association team after Donald Sterling was allegedly recorded making the vile and racist remarks.


Why Are the Sponsors Leaving?


Because sponsors don’t want to be tainted or dragged down by someone generating so much disgust and anger.  


Corona is appalled by Sterling’s remarks and said, “These comments run counter to the type of brand Corona aspires to be.”


Sponsors who have abandoned the Clippers include Kia Motors, Corona, State Farm, Mercedes-Benz, Virgin America and Sprint.


Keeping Sponsors is Phenomenal


Sponsorship has been a total game-changer to my clients in funding their businesses, events, shows, books, speaking and projects. They know how to get and keep sponsors. They even get multi-year contracts.