Sponsors: Strike 3

Someone Named George* Called Me the Other Day to Ask for My Advice About Corporate SponsorsUnfortunately, he had 3 strikes against him from the beginning.


Strike 1: Unprofessional Phone Etiquette

When I called him back, he answered the phone by saying “Hello” rather than a professional business name and it created a bad first impression. I could also hear loud children and animals in the background.
Solution: Always answer the phone with a business name and keep background noises to a minimum.

Strike 2: Bad Phone Line

We started talking and his cell phone was so bad that I couldn’t even understand what he was saying. Then the phone cut me off, not once but twice. Your sponsor will get annoyed and will not bother to call you back after a dropped call.
Solution: Use a land line, online call service or a great quality cell phone.

Strike 3: Not Presenting Yourself Correctly

When George* talked about what he wanted sponsors for, he was unclear and he started to ramble.
Solution: Be brief, be brilliant and be gone. Tell sponsors about your benefits, mission and how you can add value to their company. This is your chance to fund your dreams, so let your passion shine through.

*The names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent.
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Sponsors for NCAA March Madness and You

I Was in Las Vegas Once During March Madness
Las Vegas M_Ms
In Las Vegas at M&Ms World
I sat down to play blackjack and I was the only woman at the table. 

I played a few hands and then I was busted.There’s a superstition about “lady luck” and the men didn’t want me to leave the table. Not wanting to lose any more money, I left to check out the basketball game. 

When You’re Doing Your Sponsor Wish List, Check Out the NCAA March Madness Sponsors
NCAA March Madness Sponsors
My clients have worked with some of these sponsors including Coca-Cola, Enterprise Rental Car, Allstate Insurance and AT&T.You have benefits and value to offer the top-tier sponsors, so shoot for the stars.

Go for it!

Top 5 Reasons to Speak

A Standing Ovation Can Happen to You

1. To Grow Your Business 

Public speaking is one of the most powerful business-building tools that I know. It’s what I recommend to the new entrepreneurs that I mentor.


2. To Get Sponsors 

Sponsors are attracted to speakers because they have communication skills and fan bases. If you don’t have an audience yet, speaking is a great way to start building one.


3. To Achieve Celebrity and Expert Status 

Your customers want to do business with experts and the media want to give publicity to celebrities. As a public speaker, your perfect clients will seek you out.


4. To Have Great Adventures 

When I spoke in New York, they treated me like a rock star. I got access to phenomenal people, saw an amazing Broadway play called Kinky Boots, ate decadent New York Cheesecake and my hotel even had a view of the Chrysler Building.


5. To Change People’s Lives 

I get emails, texts and cards from people who have heard me speak. Some got an idea that skyrocketed their business, others got the courage (as I did) to leave a bad relationship, others got some great corporate sponsors. Empowering people to follow their dreams makes it all worthwhile for me.

4 Ways to Make Money from Events

At Sponsor Secrets Seminar Live with One of My Attendees, Bob Bare

It Breaks My Heart 


Events are an awesome way to skyrocket your business. I go to so many amazing events that change people’s lives forever.

But these phenomenal events often lose money.

This is a Tragedy That Should Never Happen

I’ve never lost money on my events because I’ve always had sponsors.

Here are some tips about sponsors and other ways to make money from your events.

4 Ways to Make Money from Your Events

  1. Attendees
    Your attendees pay a fee or tuition to come to your event and this is a great way to generate revenue. If you’re doing a high-priced event, the tuition can help you create profit. However, many people do free or low-cost events for back-end sales and the attendee tuition does not cover their costs.
  2. Sales (Front-End and Back-End) 

Front-end sales include books, merchandise and training programs. Back-end sales include speaking opportunities and new clients. Many event producers offer a low-cost or no-cost event to get people in the room so they can rack up some robust sales.  

  1. Exhibitors and Vendors

Exhibitors and vendors are great because they pay you in advance. This helps you with the deposits, pre-event costs and marketing.

  1. Sponsors 

Sponsors are one of my favorite ways to fund your events. They give you money, free stuff, media and credibility. Sponsors can also renew so you can partner with them again and again for your future events.  

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Sponsors Drop Rappers Because of Offensive Lyrics

Lil Wayne and Mountain Dew Campaign

Men Behaving Badly

There’s a special place in the Academy of Stupid for certain rap artists. They get lucrative sponsor deals and then create repulsive lyrics that get them dropped by their sponsors.

Pepsi-Cola of North America severed ties with rapper Lil Wayne Friday after the rapper made a crude reference to 14-year-old slain civil rights martyr Emmett Till in a song.

Wayne, 30, had been the face of the PepsiCo drink Mountain Dew’s “DEWeezy” campaign, a play on the rapper’s “Weezy” nickname.

“We do not plan any additional work with Lil Wayne moving forward,” a Mountain Dew representative said, “His offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand.” The “DEWeezy” campaign website has been taken down.

Zero Tolerance for Bad Behavior

MTV notes the latest “zero tolerance” moves by PepsiCo signals a shift in how companies view corporate accountability when it comes to its celebrity endorsers.

PepsiCo also pulled a series of online ads for Mountain Dew by rapper Tyler, the Creator, who was criticized for embracing racial stereotypes and trivializing violence toward women.

Rick Ross also lost his sponsorship with Reebok because of his lyrics about raping a woman who had been drugged.

Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Tyler, the Creator’s loss of sponsorship opportunities should serve as a warning to other artists that what they say on record can and will come back to haunt them.